Thursday, July 23, 2009


Can I just say that I am completely and utterly tired of everything.

I am tired of this stupid infertility journey.
I am tired of eating healthy in preparation for this cycle...especially yucky millet congee!
I am tired of trying to be positive.
I am tired of people.
I am tired of not sleeping.
I am tired of being sad.
I am tired of crying or of not being able to cry.

I am tired.

On the Freaking Horizon
Last day of BCP is on Tuesday. Medications arrive on Wednesday, how lovely. Acupuncture on Thursday. Glorious blood work and ultra sound on Friday (followed by seeing my shrink, obviously necessary). And Saturday injections begin.

Injections for IVF #6. SIX. I so want to cry. I do not want to do this again. I do not want to fail again. I HATE this whole process. I am tired of it. Very tired. WHY WHY WHY is it so fucking hard?!?!

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  1. Yes. All of this. I am so freakin TIRED of all this shit. I can't believe I'm heading into my fifth retrieval, seventh transfer. Eff me.