Monday, August 17, 2009

Ear Acupuncture???

Ear Points
Okay, just something else to stress about. Great. So talking to DH about my acupuncture appointment and mention the needles in my ears (ouchy ones). He does NOT want me to have ear points done again. Says points in ear are linked to miscarriage. Googled it. Hmmm, more than one site that indicates that ear points in pregnant women are contraindicated because of miscarriage risk. Great. With so many losses, that's just what I need. Told DH that he would have to call the acupuncturist and tell her no ear points. Okay, so why can't I just tell her myself? Why do I think I'll cave in if she insists they're safe/helpful/etc? I want this last IVF to work soooo much. I can't decide what I should do. What is okay and what isn't? How the hell should I know?!?!!? I feel like I'm walking on egg shells. What am I going to do that is going to make this cycle doomed to failure? Should I do this? Should I avoid that? *sigh*

Today is 6dpo or 4dp2dt. 8 days until beta. See my shrink tomorrow (and Friday), but on Saturday she is leaving for two weeks. Beta is on a Tuesday. Normally I would have seen her on that day. *sigh* Why this Tuesday of all Tuesdays does she need to be gone?!?! Just my luck (or lack thereof), I guess.

I reiterate my desire to go to sleep and not wake up until the beta!!

I did manage to distract myself for some pieces of time today by doing work for school. Other times too sad. Sometimes just too focused on this cycle. At least I'm getting a little bit done...Trying to think of something positive here!


  1. Oh goodness, I have no idea! The ears kind of tweak me, but I haven't heard anything about miscarriage. Not that that says much, I didn't really look...

  2. As a licensed acupuncturist, ear needles are traditionally contraindicated during pregnancy. HOWEVER, there is a large body of growing research that suggests the ear needles immediately following an IVF procedure may greatly increase the likelihood of implantation.