Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eggs Retrieved!

All actually went well this morning. Let me repeat that: all went well. :)

Not only were 17 eggs retrieved (second largest number for us), but also I was pretty comfortable. Considering how I felt during the last retrieval (not very emotionally safe), this comfort is a big deal. The nurse was friendly and someone I knew. I liked the RE. The u/s tech came over to say hello (wow!!). AND the anesthesiologist was a woman! Really liked that!!! In terms of pain, not too bad. Only took two tries for the IV (worst ever was 4 tries) and the post-ER pain is manageable. So far have kept to my vow of no Percocet. Yay!

Interesting to note that pre- (meaning while I'm being put under anesthesia!!) AND post- ER the RE asked if we were sure about using donor sperm and about using all donor sperm. Yeah. Now's the time to think about it? WTF? Especially challenging to think on it while trying to recover from anesthesia. *sigh* RE went through some pros and cons (and if you think I remember them, you're nuts!) and luckily DH responded by saying we had thought about it (really?!? must have missed that) and had decided to go with all donor sperm. RE said he was just double-checking because once it's done it can't be un-done. (No shit, Sherlock! You think I'm stupid? Yeah. Just pull that sperm out of the egg and inject a different one. Oy!)

Called family, friends, and shrink to share the news. Apparently I was not always so clear in my speech (shrink didn't understand the message I left!) and DH failed to tell me this. When confronted about this failure to stop me from making unintelligible phone calls, his response was "but your slurring was cute." Cute?!?! Okay, aren't people you love supposed to stop you from doing stupid things?

Upon arriving at the dogs' house (we're dog-sitting), DH made me brunch while I updated FB and my on-line groups. Then I went to SLEEP!!! (Considering the fact that I slept practically NOT AT ALL last night, this ability to sleep was pure bliss!) Drugged is sometimes good! I just hope that I can sleep tonight sans drugs.

Now comes a most nerve-wracking wait. Awaiting the fertilization report. At least at this clinic I can call at 11am (BostonIVF I had to wait until they called me) to see what's up. I am very nervous since we are doing donor sperm. But who am I kidding, I'd be nervous anyway, especially since IVF#3 when we only had 2 eggs fertilize. I am HOPING that of the 17 eggs at least 14 are mature and maybe 10 fertilize? We'll see. I know we just need ONE good embryo, but somehow it feels like there are safety in numbers. Purely a foolish notion, of course. After all, with IVF#4 we had 10 embryos and put in FIVE blasts and still got a BFN. *sigh* Why is this whole thing so hard? Why does nothing make sense? Judging from my nice looking embryos you'd think that all would be well. Women with crappy looking embryos or one embryo can get pregnant....why can't I? Well, I think I'll stop here before I go on a rant about my defective self.

Bottom line: praying for both sleep and a good fert report. G-d willing. (Obviously the fert report has much higher priority -- just in case G-d is listening.)

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  1. Lovely of your hubby to not tell you you were slurring! Sounds like something my husband would do. I'm glad it all went so well.... that's one relief. Now my fingers are crossed for tomorrow's call!