Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fert Report and Decisions

And the Word Is...
Out of the 17 eggs, 12 were mature, and 9 fertilized. I'm happy with that. (Okay, I secretly set the minimum at 10 fertilized b/c I like round numbers, but hey 9 is good!) Last time we had 7 and only 3 were of good quality, so I was thinking (like how I have to plan everything out?) that maybe we'd get an extra one to freeze. Delay the inevitable when this cycle doesn't work by having the possibility of another FET.

But it Gets Better!
I am sitting at my computer, mindlessly doing things on FB, when I get a call from the clinic. And not just anyone from the clinic, but from the head embryologist (who my RE referred to as the Goddess b/c of her skills). My first thought, of course, was that all of the embryos were dead. Seeing the clinic's number when I wasn't expecting it made my heart fall into my stomach. My fears were unjustified. The embryologist called to say that all of the embryos were looking beautiful!! She wanted to see if we would consider doing a 3-day transfer instead of a 2-day so that she could better determine the two best embryos as they all looked very, very good right now. Wow! I, of course, needed reassurance that 3-day was better than 2-day. After all, we chose this clinic because of their contention that 2-day transfers were better for women with multiple failed IVFs and multiple miscarriages (ME!). In the end, the embryologist acquiesced to my uncertainty and fear by saying she would check the embryos in the morning and call me at 8am to make her recommendation. I made DH call the RE to get his opinion. I ended up speaking with the RE, who basically made the goddess statement and deferred to the embryologist all the while acknowledging his prior harping on the 2-day transfer. (Glad that wasn't just in my head.)

So bottom line is that I don't know when the transfer will be...tomorrow or Friday. Wonderful situation for my anxiety level. DH hopes that it will be Friday as he is sick (a whole other story. *sigh*) and I won't let him come tomorrow. He promises he'll be well for Friday. (Whatever.) It leaves some friends in limbo in terms of driving me, but they seem willing to be inconvenienced. Thankfully.

Cloud 1000
Despite the uncertainty, my brain latched on to the whole amazing embryos thing and started launching itself to cloud 1000. So excited. Too excited. When is EDD? What if there are twins? Etc. Etc. Stupid girl. I've been here before. All looks well. All ends horribly. When will I ever learn? Picture: IVF#1...It's IVF, something new, of course it will work. Wonderful blasts...3 to transfer and 1 to freeze. Soooooo excited. So full of hope. BFN. Fast forward a year and a half: IVF #4...New protocol. New hope (although somewhat guarded this time). 19 eggs! 10 fertilized! 7 awesome looking blasts! 2 frozen and FIVE (yes, that's right!) transferred. BFN. Yeah, see what I mean about stupidity. Why hope when the past makes the outcome so clear. Stupid girl.


  1. Oh this sounds so promising so far! I'd go for a 3-day, but that's just me. How many are you putting back this time?

  2. The clinic wants to transfer two, I want three. Previously we've done 3, 3, 2 (only ones available), 5 & 3. We'll see what I can get them to do!