Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family Coming, oh my!

Not much time to post today as I am cleaning in anticipation of my family's arrival. It is the first time in the 20+ years that I've been in MA (my family is in PA) that all of my family is coming to visit (sis, bro, folks, aunt). I've been a cleaning fiend, but within limits since I'm PUPO. There is just so much to do, though, as my DH and I are just not that neat and haven't cleaned much during the IVF cycle.

I wonder what other children of perfectionist cleaners do when their family comes to visit and they are not perfectionist cleaners themselves. Do they clean? Do the say "what the heck" and leave things as they are? Or maybe most children of perfectionist cleaners are perfectionists themselves. I know my siblings are...both of them made comments about making sure I clean before everyone comes up. Didn't matter that we're in the 2ww for our last IVF. *sigh* Not sure why I care so much what they think, but clearly I do else I wouldn't be a cleaning maniac. (DH is doing all the hard work, like vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. Sweet.) Just to be clear, though, my apartment is not that dirty. Just dusty and a bit cluttered. Taz kitty adds a bit to that dust. ;)

Well, at least I'm distracted from Tuesday's beta. Well, mostly. ;)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Being in a state of menopause is horrible, I hate it, it is fragging by. I is amazing though what we will put ourselves through for a baby! Good kuck for beta on tues

  2. As a child of a perfectionist cleaner...i can say having my mom visit gives me panic attacks...
    As the wife of a perfectionist cleaner...having Husband come home after a long business trip gives me panic attacks. i tease him that when he comes home he inspects the house and always manages to find something i forgot to do (clean out the kitty litter, take out the recycling, you get the point)
    but with my mom it is bad...
    i swear to you the following is true:
    after i got married my mother came to visit me while Husband was deployed. she came to help me decorate the house. while we were painting she told me "Alison, you must be really good in bed because Husband obviously didn't marry you for your cleaning skills." TRUE STORY.


  3. I too am the child of a perfectionist cleaner AND a nosy-parker, so I can't even hide clutter with a closed closet door. I too do the flight of the bumble bee when I know that anyone is coming over, but especially my family. Unfortunately, even with the repeated stressful pre-mom & dad visits, I still have not developed my mom's incredible sense of tidy. Maybe it skips a generation?


  4. Thank god my mom isn't a perfectionist cleaner because that would drive me off the deep end...LOL. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your family and that Tuesday's beat brings wonderful results.