Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tomorrow morning is our next blood work and ultrasound. I am nervous about it, of course. Always worried that it could show something wrong. Especially worried about E2 levels...usually low for me...Will the level match the follie count? Will the follies be growing well? In sync? I know there is nothing I can do change what they will show...or maybe that is the problem...there is nothing I can do. But maybe I haven't been doing all that I can. Who knows what would impact things anyway. I've certainly been eating well, doing acupuncture, and following protocol. But, I also haven't gotten myself to sleep enough, nor have I managed to de-stress. What is the impact of the massive stress I am feeling? Negative I'm sure. *sigh* Why can't I control my brain, my emotions, better?

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  1. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed. Stress sucks.... ugh.