Monday, August 10, 2009

Sperm All Set

Sperm = check. Meant to call on Friday to make sure the sperm arrived safely (well, just to make sure it actually arrived!), but somehow I forgot. Weird. Freaked out yesterday when I found out that the ER would be on Tuesday and vowed to call about the sperm first thing Monday morning. Somehow, I forgot. Strange. Didn't remember until I was talking to my shrink. (Where does that term come from anyway?) Embryology dept called back late this afternoon (late = I was getting very nervous) to say that all was well. Sperm delivered. Whew.

Not sure if I mentioned previously, but we decided to use all donor sperm. Well, I decided. DH agreed. Not much discussion. Which I find a bit disconcerting. In fact, I'm concerned that we didn't give this whole donor-sperm thing enough consideration. Just trying to do SOMETHING different to convince myself that it was worth doing another cycle. Without changing anything, why would I expect a different outcome? Hence, new diet, new acupuncturist, new sperm. Does that seem a good enough reason? RE didn't object. DH didn't object. But was it actually a GOOD idea? If it works (please!!!), I'll never know if it was the new sperm. But if it works, will I be causing unnecessary grief to that future child? Did I give the ramifications enough consideration? I hardly read anything. Did read some blurbs from sperm donors and from children conceived with donor sperm (some well-adjusted, others clearly not), but didn't really think about it. Too nervous I would change my avoided. Hmmm, I guess I can avoid things when I want. But that's another issue.

Anyway, time to stop thinking now.