Friday, August 21, 2009

Trying to Rebound?

No Snowbabies
Found out yesterday, on my 40th birthday, that NONE of our little embryos made it to freeze. I am devastated. On day one the embryologist said they all looked beautiful. On day 2, the three we transferred were "absolutely perfect" and the rest were very, very good. On day 3, five of the six remaining had stopped growing and the other was extremely fragmented and abnormally compacted. No snowbabies. No more chances.

Okay, so the rebound part is that I am trying to stay positive. An on-line friend of mine reminded me that plenty of women get pregnant on cycles with nothing to freeze. I keep remembering the study I read that the IVF success rate is better in cycles in which additional embryos make it to freeze. And, of course, I cannot forget our on-going lack of success. So I'm trying, okay maybe not really successfully, to keep my friend's point in the forefront and push the others to the back of my brain. Need some kind of positive mantra.

Can't believe my family is actually coming up to visit this weekend. Nice in that they care about my birthday, stressful in that, well, they are my family! I am praying that AF stays away, if not for 9 months, at least until my family leaves. They leave on Monday. Beta is on Tuesday. Too many emotions all at once for one little brain to handle! Again, I think I really need to work on coming up with a positive thing to say in my head to help me through this all!


  1. Fingers crossed for you. I'm sorry about the freeze situation.

  2. Sorry to read about the freeze but am keeping my fingers crossed for your re your Beta, hoping to read about a BFP for you!


  3. Thanks, ladies. Need all the crossed fingers I can get! :)