Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Learning to Let Go"

Calm. Serenity. Peace. Learning to let go and live in the moment. Such a hard place for me to attain. My shrink tells me often to live in the moment. So does my husband. While my shrink is away, I saw another therapist. Guess what she said? So, I'm trying to let go of my fears about tomorrow's beta...about the first ultrasound...about everything...and just concentrate on today. Funny that when I started my blog two years ago I chose "learning to let go" as my title. Don't think I've made much progress in that area! I have been trying though. Keep telling myself to have faith. This pregnancy will stay. Let go...(since I can't control the outcome anyway)Have faith...Let go...Have faith...Stay calm. Little mantras in my head (better than most of the other stuff in there!).

For those of you visiting as part of ICLW, what do you do to stay grounded? To stay in the moment? To stay calm? Here is my current list:
*Pet the cat
*Make a cup of tea
*Go for a walk
*Listen to a relaxation CD (any suggestions anyone?)
*Clean (not my favorite!)
*Read a really good book
*Play with an ice cube (okay, well it works for me!)
*Call a friend

Problem is that I frequently forget about the list. I think I need to post the list somewhere. Maybe on the fridge? Someplace where I'll see it so that I'll make use of the tactics. I think I'll make a nice reminder, maybe with a relaxing picture of the ocean or a garden....


  1. Congratulations! I've got my fingers crossed for you.

    What I do to stay grounded (not that I'm always successful): go for a run, watch a funny movie, walk the dogs, read a good book, hang out with friends. Exercise seems to help me the most - endorphins, I guess :)

  2. Great list!!

    I also just observe my breath.

    Take care,

  3. -Read
    -Catch up on my phone calls
    -Engage TH in conversation
    -Avoid the computer
    -If I'm walking, I focus on the feeling of my feet hitting the floor. I try to feel the moments physically, like my butt on the chair, the desk under my arm, etc. (Therapist trick)

    I just try to keep myself busy as best as possible. Bored = no good.

    Lately, I seem to have the opposite problem. I've done so well narrowing in on one day at a time that even a few days away seems like eons away.